Laura M4.jpg

Laura marczak

AKA: Go To Girl

My parents were selfish and gave me two names: Laura Kate, but you can call me Laura. You could say I’m a serial cheese and vino lover. I’m lucky in love with my long term partner Blake and I’m a mama to a mischievous 3 yr old husky Opie. I’m not biased – he is the cutest. Ever.

Blake says I have an expensive hobby of collecting tea ware and fine china. I say it’s an investment. I’ll use any excuse to have a high tea, even if it’s just for one. You’ll find me around the clinic making the best coffee in our Welcome Room!



tayla smith

AKA: ‘The Rock’ Johnson

I’m just a girl standing in front of a salad asking it to be a donut.

My hobbies include eating all the chocolate and complaining I’m fat. I also love adventure – you may see me hiking to the fridge in the Welcome Room for than 5 times a day (the girls don’t leave the Tim Tams there anymore for some weird reason so make sure you ask for one with your coffee).

I do love going to the gym and lifting weights but I’d much rather lift a chocolate bar to my mouth. If you cant remember my name just say chocolate and I’m sure I’ll turn around



daisy condon

I am a four year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. I love hanging out in Julie’s treatment room when she is consulting and when she’s not treating you will find me in the Welcome Room making sure everyone is happy and loved.

I have a few beds around the clinic but my favourite spot is in the little bit of sunshine that comes through the Welcome Room windows.

When I am not at work I like chilling in the sun and sniffing out lizards. I haven’t caught a lizard yet – not sure what I would do if I did – but I sure do love hunting them. I love my cat neighbour and I just wish her owner would let her outside so that I don’t have to keep licking her through the screen door. Can't wait to meet you in the clinic :)