tayla smith

AKA: Admin Guru

I’m the proud mum of two gorgeous pups, Neo and Huey, who are very mischievous and keep me on my toes! I also love going to gym and lifting weights, but sometimes I’d much rather lift a chocolate bar to my mouth.

At work, I have a ‘get it done’ attitude and nothing satisfies me more than crossing things off my to-do list! I love to assist our clients in the Welcome room, making coffees and having a chat, but will also help with any other requests that make your health journey and experience at AHHT that bit better :)



daisy condon

I am a four year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. I love hanging out in Julie’s treatment room when she is consulting and when she’s not treating you will find me in the Welcome Room making sure everyone is happy and loved.

I have a few beds around the clinic but my favourite spot is in the little bit of sunshine that comes through the Welcome Room windows.

When I am not at work I like chilling in the sun and sniffing out lizards. I haven’t caught a lizard yet – not sure what I would do if I did – but I sure do love hunting them. I love my cat neighbour and I just wish her owner would let her outside so that I don’t have to keep licking her through the screen door. Can't wait to meet you in the clinic :)